internationaler Solarbauworkshop : 1.-10. August 2010

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DIY Solar Workshop - early August 2010


Do you live or work in a project that would like to to use solar power with D.I.Y. technique? Are you active against ecological destruction, climate change and capitalism in general and would you like to have an exchange about practical alternatives from below? Do you want to build up daily life alternatives as well as search for the weak points of the huge energy trusts?

At our transnational solar power workshop in august 2010 (1.-10. Aug) we will learn how to use solar heat with simple and recycled materials. In a little D.I.Y. project at the countryside near Berlin we will discuss, plan and build together, and learn a lot. The practical part consists of building a solar shower and a solar cooker accompanied by experienced people.

We aim at providing you with skills and information such that you can go on constructing and teaching the techniques at home.

We want to point out and work on inequalities between people - as for example in the field of crafts between those socialised as men or women.

Part of the seminar is to debate about:

- the (false)solutions of climate crisis offered "from above" (carbon market, CDM, ...) - limits and problems of technical solutions, also in the field of renewable energies - how to build up a renewable, decentralized, autonomous energy supply - the struggles of "climate movements" in different regions - points of attack of energy corporations (nuclear, coal, ...) - visions for a different society: how to live well beyond capitalism, state and consumer culture

We invite people from as many different regions of the world as possible.

The seminar will take 10 days: 7 days of construction and after that 3 days to visit different anti capitalist projects in Berlin and around. Money shouldn't hinder anybody from coming, you pay as much you are able to – consider this: we need an average of 6 euros each day and participant. People with advantaged economic possibilities (e.g. because they come from a richer country) are asked to give more. Hopefully we are able to contribute 70% of your travel costs.

See you this summer :-)

If you are interested please just send us a short mail soon with your contact data.

our contact details:

Torhaus Trebitz – a green, autonomous, anticapitalist, queer and LGBT friendly, antifacist, antiracist & antisexist space

phone: +49 33844 51034